Our technology platform acts as a interface for both end-users & partners independently.

Partner App

Payment Management System
Real Time requests and approval of advances Integration with Happay & HDFC Bank for Cashless Exchange of funds between vendor, driver & Zast
Vehicle Management
Ability to manage Vehicles and Drivers running with Zast as well as outside. Track running Vehicles Planning Engagement of Vehicles
Financial Management
Cost management, billing and invoicing, all under one platform

Internal Admin Panel

Vendor, Driver Rating System
Monitor vendor, driver and vehicle performance using an advance rating system
Vehicle Planning Automation
Algorithm based vehicle assignment process which considers geo fencing, rating etc
Real Time Visibility
Track fleet movement on real time basis and reduce unplanned and unwanted stoppages increasing performance and predictability.

Customer App

Booking Creation
Choice of asset class and level of engagement (one-way vs. two-way) based on load generation
Track fleet movement on real time basis
Performance Reporting
Check performance reports for past trips Information related to frequently delayed routes etc.