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Zast Logisolutions will front end the sales role and bring efficiency and compliance through use of technology and service platform

Challenges faced Consequence How will we solve it?
Customer facing
  • High dependency on brokers/ agents for cargo
  • Low customer retention
  • Business tendered mainly on L1 basis
  • Lack of predictability of load on both sides
  • Inability to manage seasonality in business
  • Zast will front end all interactions with customers
Inefficient operations
  • Poor asset utilisation – National average running for trucks in India is 8,000 kms a month
  • Dependency on drivers – significant loss of time in transit resulting in poor turnaround time, lower utilization of vehicle and unpredictable operation
  • Single driver/ double driver is not a scalable model
  • ‘Relay’ ensures switching drivers every 250kms thereby truck does not stop en-route
  • Truck utilization will be twice the national average at 16,000 kms a month.
  • Drivers are experts in their routes and gets to a balanced life akin to a blue colored employee
Lack of compliance
  • Overloading of cargo is a common practice which results in delay and ‘clearance’ cost associated with it
  • Most of the conventional operators are not focused on proper documentation which results in delay and harassment en-route at various check points
  • Industry is marred with mal practices by drivers like fuel theft etc. mainly due to poor salaries to drivers
  • Only closed container movement with strict adherence to design and weight requirements of the regulatory body
  • Fully compliant with the state laws in which the truck would ply
  • Best in class salaries to drivers
  • Truck in possession of drivers for a very short distance and are regularly monitored
No/limited technology interface
  • Use of telematics is limited to “track and trace” that too not used analytically to derive benefits form it
  • Industry marred with issues relating to fuel theft, poor upkeep of vehicle, driver behavioral issues like harsh braking etc.
  • No customer interface
  • Truck on the platform will be IoTT enabled providing fuel management, driver training and preventive maintenance of vehicles.
  • Use of data analytics to improve operational efficiency

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