Benefits to Partners

  • We help them overcome dependency on brokers/ agents and improve customer retention; Zast front ends all interactions with customers
  • National average running for trucks in India is 8,000 kms a month. Fleet operating with Zast has double the asset utilization
  • Majority fleet owners have no or limited technology interface. Zast provides smart trucking solutions through use of advanced telematics
  • We bring them under the fold of a 100% regulatory complaint platform

Benefits to Customers

  • TAT of Air on surface at almost 1/5th the cost Better. TAT and SLA brings predictability to customer’s operations
  • Only closed container movement with strict adherence to design and weight requirements of the regulatory body. Fully compliant with the state laws in which the truck would ply
  • Reliable service - Significant pilferage and damage reduction
  • Reduction in inventory holding cost due to faster movement

Benefits to Drivers

Social Benefits
  • Help them earn respect and dignity for his job both at home and society at large
  • Social security to drivers in the form of health covers, child education, etc.
Economic Benefits
  • High utilization of vehicle means more trips for drivers in the same time period which ensures drivers making more money
  • Opportunities for drivers to turn entrepreneurs
  • Benefits from economies of scale and financial support
Work life
  • Two driver model ensures enough rest resulting in low accident cases
  • Quality time at home for drivers as they get 24 hours of rest at base location
  • Robust training programme for drivers
  • Use of technology results in better efficiency and behavioral change